Prefix Premiere: Us Lights “Eyes On Us”

    photo credit: Chris Bigalke

    Living in one of the most thriving music cities in the world,  I often find myself neglecting local musicians. These Portland bands will be playing again in a couple of weeks, while the touring acts may not return for another two, three, or even ten years… so my justification goes. Only now I’ve come to realize that kind of an attitude contributes to the abort of promising artists. Henry Darger didn’t need the world outside to be prolific with his art. But the human nature needs an audience to thrive; otherwise the creative become a recluse like Darger, who’s work could only be appreciated posthumously.

    Back in September of 2013, I went to see Porcelain Raft at Bunk Bar, and on a rare occasion, the local opener happened to pique my interest. Us Lights were just sprouting  (formed in summer of 2013) , but the five-piece already possesed that unquantifiable trait – they sound like Us Lights, and not a cheap imitation of established artists. Layers of textures from moody synths, steadfast rhythm section, stadium-worthy vocals, and an intricate sampling create an atmospheric pop that is intangible yet tantalizing.  

    Us Lights will debut a full-length in August 2014. In the meantime, they will have a three-track self-titled EP coming out on May 6. The record includes previously released tracks, “Sometimes Smile” and “Crown”, and a brand new track, “Eyes On Us”, premiering today. Stream it below along with the other songs on the EP. If you run a label, perhaps you’ll like to add Us Lights to your roster.