Prefix Premiere: The Ramona Flowers “Lust And Lies” (Ladytron Remix) (Stream)

    On the verge of releasing their newest EP on Distiller Records, Bristol, UK group The Ramona Flowers had the opportunity to have their latest remix “Lust and Lies” remixed by iconic electro group Ladytron. What starts out as an emotive acoustic number gets turned in to a gorgeously flowing song of electronic layers arriving in waves making the song just as if not more emotional than the original. Ladytron adds a plethora of textures that really brings out the song’s beautiful atmosphere. And although the additional synths and keys are subtle, the remix makes you feel like you’re floating above soothing clouds.

    The Ladytron remix will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP which will be released on April 19, 2013. In addition to Ladytron’s remix, a remix by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip will also be featured.

    Listen to the remix below: