Prefix Premiere: The Harrow ‘The Fall’

    Brooklyn group The Harrow are keeping what’s left of derived 80’s synthy post-punk alive and well. Their latest track “The Fall” is a chilling dive into the cold world that this band has already delved and dwelled in. What makes this track stand out against the previous is its measure of controlled mood – listening to this track will suck you into their mystical and endless emotion that presents itself quite well… and maybe a little too well. The traveling vocal, done beautifully well by Vanessa Irena, is the track’s early earworm. But the truly remarkable moment is the instrumental break (around three minutes in) where Greg Fasolino picks at a simple melody on his guitar that will stick in your head for days. This melody opens up a thicker ending for an enthralling listen.

    All in all, it’s a welcoming, but encapsulating listen you’ll get out of this cold post-punk effort. Channeling down-tempo The Cure tracks is a fleeting thought here, because The Harrow craft something delicate and worthwhile. You can stream the track below.