Prefix Premiere: Tape Deck Mountain “Slow Hell” & CMJ Unofficial Showcase

    Under the moniker Tape Deck Mountain, Travis Trevisan has released his sophomore LP, SWAY, on October 1. Recorded during his long year stint in Austin, TX, SWAY received help from X-Appleseed Cast’s drummer John Momberg and may send you nascent shoe-gazers out of hiding. While the shoegaze or My Bloody Valentine might be subject to an eye roll, Trevisan’s obscure and brooding vocals could prove otherwise. 

    Earlier this year, Tape Deck Mountain premiered their track “Always Lie,” on Pitchfork, and TDM have now premiered “Slow Hell.” At first the track may seem like a shoe-gaze staple of layered guitar effects with a rundown of a pedal board, the song later casts into a downward spiral, swirling with grinding guitars and clashing snares.

    Trevisan’s downcast vocals just froth up to the surface, leaving enough room for his guitars to fill the void, grinding and churning with just enough distortion- it’s sounds beautiful in headphones. Hear the track here.

    In other Tape Deck Mountain related news, Trevisan’s label Nineteen98 will be holding an unofficial CMJ showcase tonight at the Ho_se. with Tape Deck Mountain himself, Is/Is, Sua, WRITER, and Diva 93. For more information go here