Prefix Premiere: Stream K-X-P’s ‘Easy’ EP In Its Entirety

    Finnish electro-rock/post-everything trio K-X-P made a sizeable dent in the music world this past March when they dropped their self-titled full-length debut. But their always-evolving sound couldn’t be contained to one release in a year’s time. They quickly put together the three-track Easy EP in the ensuing months. But don’t let it’s short track listing fool you. K-X-P packed nearly 20 minutes of material into Easy, an effort that is equally unclassifiable and engrossing.

    The hypnotic rhythms of the trio drive the EP, though equally important are the surprising blasts of synthesizers, woodwinds, and vocals, the latter of which turns the title-track into a danceable romp from the ’80s. Well, it sounds like that if more people did acid than coke, of course. Closing track “Cymbalim” is a personal favorite, as it moves from a tribal, percussion-led romp into a long lost piece of a John Carpenter soundtrack. 

    Stream the EP below. It is out today via Melodic Records.