Prefix Premiere: Stream Breton’s ‘Other People’s Problems’ In Its Entirety

    South London quintet Breton has been building a steady buzz thanks to their somewhat mysterious persona and their penchant for creating left-field, electronic-infused jams. Not only that, but here are five guys who are just as talented in the realm of music as they are in film. 

    When they’re not churning out original tunes steeped in noise, head-nodding rhythms, and fuzzy vocals, they are remixing tunes from Local Natives and Maps & Atlases. Or they are making their own music videos in their BretonLABS studio, which is their home base located in a former London bank. So yeah, calling them multi-talented would be an understatement.

    But their constant work hasn’t created an environment in which they are spreading themselves too thin. As you will hear on their stunning full-length debut, Other People’s Problems, Breton put plenty of work into perfecting their musical approach.

    From the string-and-drum attack of “Wood and Plastic” to the synth-driven “Ghost Note,” the album finds its footing in meticulously layered production and just-catchy-enough yelping vocals. It’s safe to say we’ll all be seeing Breton’s name in a lot more headlines this year.

    You can stream Other People’s Problems below. It drops April 3 on FatCat Records in the States and is out now in the U.K.