Prefix Premiere: Spirit Animal ‘The Black Jack White’ Remix EP (Stream)

    Psych rocking New York group Spirit Animal found themselves a hit when they delivered their track “The Black Jack White” to the masses. It’s hard hitting synths, chopped up beats, and frantic energy surges throughout the whole song. So with the wave still crashing on the shores, the group decided to keep it going and have the track remixed. Each remix on the EP distinctly brings out an idea, a sound, and a vibe that is different from each other. They’re all dance-centric and compliments the original. But regardless of the interpretation, the original’s fierce attitude still surfaces.

    Steve Cooper, the band’s lead singer explained the idea of having their track remixed:

    “We consider most of the new songs we’re writing to be ‘music you can dance to,’ but “The Black Jack White” is literally a dance so putting together an electronic remix EP was a must. Since the dance steps are just everyday actions (“shake your hand like it’s gone to sleep”) you can interpret them how you like. With the remixes, there’s an added layer of interpretation.  These producers are interpreting the dance with their beats, which means you, the dancer, might have to take a second look at how you’re shaking your shit depending which version comes on.”

    Listen to our premiere of their remix EP below: