Prefix Premiere: Skating Polly ‘Alabama Movies’ (Video)

    (photo by Dave Smith)

    Eighteen days ago, we brought you the audio of the lead single from Skating Polly’s Fuzz Steilacoom, “Alabama Movies.” Today, we bring you the video!

    Wicked and hellacious, the video perfectly captures the tenacity of the ugly pop track with tons of punk overtones. Frantic and bright, the video’s heavy use of cut editing and freaky color schemes in the song’s changing rhythms and sections match the song’s energy and explosiveness. It’s all over the place and beautifully done so in a way that makes this video a seriously great video. Shot in Wayne Coyne’s art gallery The Womb, this video is definitely worth a million watches. Now get to it below.

    A friendly reminder that this track is on their upcoming album, Fuzz Steliacoom, which is out tomorrow!!! (February 25), which you can pre-order on iTunes here.