Prefix Premiere: Sheefy McFly, “1 Up” (Video)

    If you’re going to record eighteen songs dedicated to the joys of weed and women, it only makes sense to follow that up with an appropriate video. Here’s the first look at Detroit rapper Sheefy McFly’s video for “1 Up” off his latest mixtape Bad Bitches and Dank. The title “1 Up” is short for “roll one up,” which, according to the hypnotic chorus, is the simple task Sheefy Sheef’s lady friend must accomplish by song’s end. The video shows Sheefy smoking blunt after blunt, his multiple faces aglow as the mood lighting shifts from one jewel tone to the next.

    When GZA rapped the verse “Rhyme thoughts travel at a tremendous speed/Clouds of smoke of natural blends of weed” on “Liquid Swords,” he unknowingly predicted the rise of Sheefy McFly. Watch the video premiere below.