Prefix Premiere: :PAPERCUTZ, “Where Beasts Die”

    Portuguese electro-folk unit :Papercutz, which lately comprises band leader Bruno Miguel and singer Melissa Veras as well as a rotating crew of collaborators, have a new album out tomorrow called The Blur Between Us (right on the heels of the Indian Wells remix of their song “Rivers”). New track “Where Beasts Die” is proof of the band’s push toward more eclectic sounds. It’s the sonic equivalent of a ghost story told around a campfire: the music builds from expectant guitar finger-picking and eerie falsetto to a syncopated piano line boosted by lush harmonies and just enough guitar distortion. When you think the track is about to peak, everything disappears but the vocals. “I will follow you to where beasts die,” sings Veras. “Into the wild/We go.” Wild, indeed. Listen to the “Where Beasts Die” premiere below.