Prefix Premiere: Owl Eyes “Closure” (Giraffage Remix) (Stream)

    Brooke Addamo aka Owl Eyes is a young talent hailing all the way from Melbourne, Australia. At the young age of 22, the artist had released a handful of successful EPs since 2010 which has solidified her as someone to watch out for.

    Recently, she released her new single “Closure” from her debut album NIGHTSWIM. The magnificent pop song had all of its elements placed in the right spots to make it a great late night eighties disco fever soundtrack. The drums and percussion just had that perfect beat to let you lose yourself underneath a shiny disco ball. Addamo’s vocals glazed all over the synths and sprinkling electronica which made it a delectable sugary single to let loose to.

    Well, San Francisco, California’s Giraffage is known for something completely different. His tracks usually melt electronic sounds letting them simmer into a pool of bubbling bass. And he does no different in his remix for the Australian songstress. The original’s pop attitude gets injected with huge booming bass fuzz and becomes a sexier version of itself. The little dance steps are now turned into self-touching dance moves. 

    Owl Eyes’ debut album NIGHTSWIM is out now.

    The remix is free to download is take a listen and then grab it below: