Prefix Premiere: Old Monk “Seymour” (Stream)

    Brooklyn’s Old Monk is sort of an anomaly. They stray away from the typical formulas to being a hit indie rock band from New York. The band blends in sounds from good ole Pavement and Weezer’s Pinkerton. In addition, they fuel enough afterboosters in their songs to get fans of pop punk pogo dancing and have metal fans turn their heads by Josh Carrafa’s blazing guitar solos. This mixture leads to an eclectic sound in comparison to the usual sounds coming out of their borough.

    Either way, the band has been able to churn out songs that have a heart pounding pace all the while contain epically grand choruses.

    Following-up their debut album Birds of Belize, the band is prepping for their sophomore album which will be out later this year on Eenie Meenie Records. They’re starting things off with their first single titled “Seymour.” It’s possibly one of their catchiest songs to date. It’s quirky in its approach and packs a catchy hook. The song is the first of four singles that will be released prior to their next album. 

    Discussing the track, Carrafa states:

    “…Seymour is the title character in the JD Salinger story of the same name.  He suffers from this affliction a bit.  A fear of the future.  A longing for the past.  Constant dissatisfaction.  I like JD Salinger.

    But in reality, the past was not that great.  And the things you do in the future have a fine chance of being better than what has already happened.  But it’s hard to accept this.  So we will always yearn.”

    Listen to their new single below: