Prefix Premiere: Old Monk “Alta Rush” (Stream)

    Brooklyn’s Old Monk came into the scene with their scintillating debut album Birds of Belize. The tracks were fast-paced and pushed the boundaries of pop punk with their progressive outlook on music writing. Josh Carrafa led the trio with dizzying angular guitar solos whereas bassist Tsugumi Takashi accompanied with powerful basslines and percussionist Ian Burns wailed at the drums intelligently.

    Now they seek to continue their intricate progressive power pop with their forthcoming sophomore album. And to give everyone a taste of their evolution, new single “Alta Rush” has been unveiled. The new track finds the trio refining all of their signature sounds and truly showing that they have been able to surpass what they did in the first album. Carrafa’s vocals are stronger and he still retains all of the mad scientist guitar work he had shown on Birds of Belize. Takashi’s bass is still intact and Burns’ drumming is even tighter than before.

    The track will be featured on their sophomore album Posing As Love. It will be released on June 10, 2014 via Eenie Meenie Records.

    Stream their new track below: