Prefix Premiere: NEØV “Daydream City” (Video)

    (Photo by Rairai)

    From one of the dreamiest pop albums to surface in 2013, NEØV presents the music video for “Daydream City”. The fourth single from the Finnish quintet’s ambitious debut LP, Orange Morning, is more understated than their previous releases, but the band’s signature aura of reticent longing and otherworldliness is ever prevalent. Frontman Anssi Neuvonen states, “Inspired by Brian Eno and Diogenes of Sinope, it is a song about a place which is only momentarily reachable.”

    Director Teemu Niukkanen was given a full liberty to interpret “Daydream City” visually, and gives it an unexpected spin. From the opening close-up shot of a woman with shut eyes, we already know from her facial expression, what the camera will reveal when it zooms out. And she’s not alone in the act of trying to reach the intangible. We assume the role of a voyeur, witnessing individuals focusing consummately to reach an ephemeral state – all transpiring during the daylight hours, in public places. But the climax does not comform to the biology as we know it.