Prefix Premiere: Loadstar “Black & White” F. Benny Banks (Tinker Hatfield Remix)

    Loadstar’s “Black & White” featuring Benny Banks was already a monster track that was a smash after debuting on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 recently. Could it be possible to match the original track with a remix? DMC finalist and on the rise producer Tinker Hatfield’s proves he’s up to the task with his remix.

    Hatfield takes the song into darker territory and into the world of trap. Make sure to turn up the volume and listen to both the remix and original below. 


    ‘Black & White’ is being released by Ram Records on Dec. 9 in the U.S. Pre-order now.

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    ‘Black & White’ track list:

    1. Black & White ft. Benny Banks

    2. Black & White (Breakage Remix)

    3. Black & White (Rack n Ruin Remix)

    4. Black & White (Hamilton Remix)

    5. Black & White (Tinker Hatfield Remix)

    6. Black & White (Instrumental)

    7. Vatican Roulette