Prefix Premiere: Victoria And Jacob “Theia Mania” (Silver Swans Remix) (Stream)

    London duo Victoria and Jacob come together to create hush gorgeous melodies with a slight tint of an Italo-Disco influence. Their album opener “Theia Mania” represents the kind of sound to expect from the two. Victoria’s vocals gently bubble and eventually float away through the chasm of electronic layers that surround it. And what better way to emphasize the duo’s song about love than to have San Francisco dream pop duo Silver Swans remix the song. The duo compliments the song by adding in their own elements of dreamy buzzing electronic goodness. Victoria’s voice is fully announced through the lush textures of the remix. Both duos’ penchant attraction to writing and singing about love is really magnified in this remix.

    The original version comes from their self-titled debut album which is now available through Fika Recordings and WIAIWYA.

    Listen to Silver Swans’ remix of their track below:

    Download the remix below: