Prefix Premiere: Listen To Stumbleine’s “The Beat My Heart Skips”

    Stumbleine a Bristol, UK-based producer has a lot of peers to look up to and be compared to. With the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead paving the way for the Bristol music scene, his influences are bound to be big and beautifully epic. The first single taken from his upcoming album Spiderwebbed titled “The Beat That My Heart Skips” is a wall of gorgeous shimmering guitars, reverb, drum and bass. Featuring vocals by CoMa, she wraps you into a lullaby and then gently drowns you into a deep slumber. Quite possibly one of the most beautifully constructed songs in quite some time.

    The single was recently released digitally on Monotreme Records. It will also be featured on his upcoming full-length Spiderwebbed which will be released November 13, 2012 also on Monotreme Records.