Prefix Premiere: Listen To Freeze-Tag’s “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss”

    Ohioan-based electro pop artist Marcus Alan Ward aka Freeze-Tag went through the same musical phase a lot of us went through growing up. But for Ward, the discovery of electronic, soul, jazz and rnb music lead him into a new spectrum of artistic creativity. To add to the multi-faceted influences, Ward’s music has also been inspired by numerous visual artists such as Rothko and Basquiat.

    So having already created early buzz with his single “Eskimo,” Ward is keeping it going with his new track “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.” And just like the title suggests and what kisses lead to, the song is a bubbling array of electro sexy love. Usually, melding a serious of musical genres together is usually a hard thing to do but Ward does it effortlessly.  His sensual vocals mixed along with the smooth production makes for an intensely alluring track.

    The new song will be featured on his upcoming Eskimo EP. Listen to the track below: