Prefix Premiere: Listen To Electronic Artist Tours’ New ‘Okay’ EP

    Philadelphia-based electronic artist Dylan Siegh aka Tours combines an array of flavors from shoegaze, chillwave and electronica. And with his brand new EP ‘Okay’ out on November 26, 2012 via Young Latitudes, you get to hear this mixture of bubbling electro pop. 

    The opening track “I Need U” starts off the whole EP with a groovy vibe that’s full dreamy synths and clapping beats that gets your head bobbing. Then moving into the second track “Wet Luv,” the vibe is cut up and chopped up with airy vocals and a sizzling beat. And after the commotion, it’s all slowed down a bit “OKY” and slowly set into a sensual mood with the final track “Yrslf.” Altogether the songs combine for a flavorful taste of upcoming artist Tours.

    You can listen to and or download (at your own price) the EP below:

    <a href=”” mce_href=””>Okay – EP by Tours</a>