Prefix Premiere: Listen To Clicks & Whistles’ “Southern Slaw”

    Charlotte, North Carolina’s very own Clicks & Whistles are about to unleash one nasty single in “Southern Slaw.” Along with “Fumando,” the track is part of a two-track single that will be released on Frite Nite. The DJ/production duo (Jorge Hernandez and Petey Evans) go all out on this club banger. Just like all other Frite Nite releases “Southern Slaw” fits in perfectly with its twisted beats that engages you with its big bombastic concoction. It’s so big that it’ll hypnotize you into a dancing frenzy within the first few seconds. And this is what differentiates the two from the rest. 

    And having already been spun by the likes of Diplo and Salva, you’ll be hearing a lot from this duo as they continue to tour throughout the states.

    You can grab the two-track digital single “Southern Slaw” and “Fumando” on November 6, 2012 via Frite Nite. But for now you can stream “Southern Slaw” below: