Prefix Premiere: League of Extraordinary Gz- “Intercourse”

    Consisting of regular members to the underground rap circuit in Texas- Lil J, Tuk da Gat, S. Dot, Lowkey, Reggie Coby, Slick Talk, Dowrong, and Mr. Greezo come to mind- the League of Extraordinary Gz is a collective of gangsta rap cuts that have a Wu-Tang flow with a southern Mobb Deep attitude. 

    But don’t label them as nostalgic just yet; the guys have proven their talents, releasing their impressive “Concealed Weapon,” mixtape series and touring with the likes of Dead Prez and Strange Music’s Rittz. 

    With the release their album, #LeagueShit, on October 15- dubbed a “local landmark” by the Austin Chronicle, the LOEGz have now released their video for their single “Intercourse.” Featuring assistance from Slim Gravy, “Intercourse” is a fun track, indulging in vices: drunken texts, uncomitted relationships, and sexual rendezvous. Giving a new meaning to femme fatale- stream LOEGz video to “Intercourse” below. 


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