Prefix Premiere: Kid Astray “Day In June” (Official Video)

    Scandinavian indie pop has never let us down on giving us that sweet sweet sunshine. And Norwegian six-piece Kid Astray has given us a visual as to what it’d be like to living it up in a day during your youth during that warm summer in their track “Day In June.”

    The track itself is full of sugary melodies, buzzing synths, buzzing bass, and a popping percussion. The vocals easily hook you along song’s captivating four minutes. But the video lets you experience that rush. Directed by Evan Savitt, the pov shots that run through a fast pace has your heart beating along the frantic morning scenes and adventurous playtime with the dog. But Savitt doesn’t let you off the hook. You’ll have to watch the whole video to see how it all really ends.

    You can get the track off Kid Astray’s debut album Home Before the Dark which is now available. You can listen to it via Spotify right here.

    Watch their newest music video for “Day In June” below: