Prefix Premiere: Justin Timberlake “Blue Ocean Floor” (Chef Crispy Edit) (Stream)

    Canadian Chef Crispy found Justin Timberlake’s “Blue Ocean Floor” to be one of the most alluring tracks on his new album The 20/20 Experience. A soundscape of layered sounds and influences from Radiohead-esque sonics, the track was a gorgeous album ending. But just like the rest of the songs on the album it ran at a great length, almost eight minutes.

    So producer Crispy thought to shorten up the track and add in a few elements that doesn’t take away from the serenity of the original. The subtle effects keeps the same vibe of the heartfelt ballad.

    The Canadian is a new gamer in town and will be planning on releasing his debut mixtape sometime this summer. Tentatively titled 1994, it’ll be taking cues from the likes of Brooklyn Funk Essentials’ “Take The L Train (To 8th Avenue)” and from the ‘Donkey Kong Country’ soundtrack, Dave Wise’s “Cave Dweller Concert.” Check out some of his demos here.

    Stream the edit below: