Prefix Premiere: Jay Curry’s 3|4 Mix With Odd Future, Tidus

    The folks at the 3|4 media firm have enlisted one of their artists, Jay Curry, to put together a mix showcasing all the talent on their impressive roster. What ensues is a 38-minute blend of tracks from the Odd Future squad — Tyler, the Creator, Domo Genesis, Mike G, and MellowHype all appear — along with gifted newcomer Tidus, Bay Area spitters the Jealous Guys, and Southern shit-kickers Bass Drum of Death.

    You’ll also get hipped to some up-and-comers including lo-fi singer-songwriter Crass Mammoth and ambient R&B dude ndeluv, both of whom are sure to gain some more attention this year. The same goes for Curry himself, who appears several times as both a rapper and a producer on the last third of the mix. Be sure to check for his track “Susie Q’s”; it might be my favorite cut on here.

    You can stream and download the mix and view its track listing below, where you can also find a blurb on 3|4.

    3|4 Mix track listing:

    1. Tidus: Whoa
    2. The Jealous Guys: Walking Around
    3. Domo Genesis: Cashmere
    4. ndeluv: #hoodmusic
    5. Tyler, the Creator: Bastard
    6. Crass Mammoth: Punctures
    7. Terence Ryan: Vocal Layout
    8. Phlo Finister: Shades
    9. Tidus: Welcome
    10. MellowHype: Strip Club
    11. ndeluv: Never Been
    12. Mike G: Carrera (prod. Jay Curry)
    13. Phlo Finister: Wrong # (prod. Jay Curry)
    14. The Jealous Guys: Brainwash by London
    15. Jay Curry: Susie Q’s
    16. The Jealous Guys: Life (prod. Jay Curry)
    17. Bass Drum of Death: Sucker Free
    18. MellowHype: 64
    19. Crass Mammoth: I’m So Poor

    3|4 ( is redefining what it means to be in the “music business” – part record label, part venture capital firm and part management company, 3|4 provides the funding, service, and expertise to build sustainable careers for artists. 3|4 is the new venture from David Airaudi, Jimmy Iovine’s ex-strategy executive who discovered and co-manages Odd Future so as you might expect, its what you get when you mix Interscope, Harvard Business School, art school kids and MellowHype.