Prefix Premiere: Haunted “Soft Night” F. Tantrum (Official Video)

    Atlanta may be known for the booming trap scene, but who would have thought that some trippy psychedelic electronic projects happening there? Well, producer Phil Jones formerly of Dog Bite, has drenched out some new hazy vibes with his project Haunted. And like the new moniker suggests, the stuff he’s pouring out is haunting. His new visual for his track “Soft Night” is the perfect example. The menagerie of images and how they’re sequenced compliment the track’s beautiful eerie ambiance.

    Jones explains the video:

    The video was made up of experimental short films that were made in 1965, 1975, 2002 and little short animations I put together. I just wanted to make a video that had a little bit of a different vibe, without a storyline or plot, just visuals. I like people coming to their own conclusions.

    Although the sequences are chaotic, they some how effortlessly come together for an ethereal experience.

    Watch the premiere of the video here:

    Stream his newest So Heat EP below: