Prefix Premiere: Hallucinex ‘No, Seriously’

    (photo, courtesy of Malcolm Duncan)

    Taylor Noll, a.k.a. Hallucinex, is showing serious promise. With his first single on his upcoming debut EP, titled Online Birthday (out on Furious Hooves on October 8), he illustrates a dreamy scene with multi-tracked guitars that bounce off of each other seamlessly and lead the track down a wonderous path. With a relaxed, fitting rhythm, this ethereal scene painted is sure to dazzle. Vocals are deep in the mix, slathered with reverb, but instead of being annoying, it fits the song’s mentality and structure to have distant vocals so lost and far away from the mix. This single should lead you the upcoming EP, which has a limited cassette/CD release. Make sure to stay on top of Furious Hooves’ site for further updates. (Outside of this upcoming EP, Hallucinex was featured on Furious Hooves’ Stay Rad collection, a Cassette Store Day release.)

    Take a gander at the artwork and listen below: