Prefix Premiere: Grand Rapids’ “Was That A Joke?” (Video)

    There’s no shortage of comparisons for a band like Grand Rapids. They’re a four-piece from New York that take influence from equal parts Silver Jews and Uncle Tupelo; but they don’t treat these touchstones as totems so much as they act like comrades. Because when your operating thesis is dislocation, time and place are more or less irrelevant.

    The video for “Was That A Joke?,” the B-side to their debut single, “Feels Like A Lifetime,” won’t do much to dissuade critics of ’90s alt-rock revivalists. The grainy VHS-tape footage tracks the band in their East Village practice loft in a set that may as well have been found footage from the early ’90s.

    But even their most damning traits (most notably their preoccupation with using sarcasm to combat the feeling of futility in the face of swirling entropy) doesn’t feel second-hand. And while elegance isn’t a word you’re likely to hear them associated with, their country twang is a welcome change of pace from so many of those trying to tread the same water these days. 

    Watch the video below: