Prefix Premiere: Dream Logic “Expectations” F. Retrograde (FREE Download)

    Warren Heller, the New Jersey-based producer known has Dream Logic made a splash into the scene when he took on Daft Punk’s massive hit single “Get Lucky.” What was originally a funky throwback jam was turned into a frenzied electronic dance track. In addition to his remix of Daft Punk he’s taken on a handful of others and has been slowly able to consistently inject his own style and sound into each rework. And at a youthful 18-years-old, this is a remarkable act.

    So now, the young producer has taken steps to produce his own original track. His debut “Expectations” blends in all of his past efforts into one. Starting out with a simple grooving digital beat led by a pretty melody, the song starts off quite dreamy while Retrograde’s vocals whisk you away. But eventually, the song really kicks in once the drop hits and a funky digital bass line comes in and really sets off the dance take off. Warren stated that “the song is pretty much about that feeling people get when they are around someone they are into but don’t know how to act. I was going for a really saturated and lush atmosphere with a slight dance groove.”

    Mission accomplished.

    Expect to hear more from the young producer as he’s working on his debut EP.

    Listen to and then download the track below: