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Prefix Premiere: Download Fortunate Ones' 'What Are You Doing Tomorrow?' EP

With an ethos to sway from mediocrity and strive for progression and perfection, New Jersey-based Fortunate Ones are forward-thinking, to say the least. So it's only fitting that the duo, comprised of long-time friends Serge and Genetics, look to display their growth from April's LIFELINES album—a project which earned them a growing online following—with this new EP, What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

Punching in at 5 tracks long and recorded in just one month, the EP is crafted on a culture of experimentation. It boasts leftfield production, unorthodox melodies and otherworldly lyricism, all striking the eardrum at a slightly different angle—always the right one, nonetheless.

A prequel to the pair's future masterpiece, you can stream What are You Doing Tomorrow? below and claim your free download here. Fortunate Ones can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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