Prefix Premiere: Download DJ Buttamilk’s Free Debut Album ‘Majestic Fourth World’

    DJ Buttamilk is a producer dubbed the “Clams Casino of the South.”  For those familiar with his work, DJ Buttamilk has been introduced to the Hip Hop world via his collaborations with rapper Vulkan the Krusader.  In fact, the two artists combine to create the duo known as The Bladerunnerz.  Earlier this year, the Florida-based beat maker created the backdrop for the stand out track “Decadence & Class” off the V mixtape which highlighted an important theme within the entire project. 

    Movies were a strong theme in Vulkan’s latest release and it seems as if DJ Buttamilk has similar taste for films like Bladerunners and Heavenly Creatures are sampled.  With his debut solo instrumental project Majestic Fourth World, a unified experience is created.  The heavy use of vocal samples not only creates intrigue, but it also makes for a dreamy soundscape in its totality. Pianos, synths, vibraphones, and kick drums are weaved together in such a way that it feels as if the listener is being read a bedtime story and we are about to close our eyes before entering a majestic dreamlike world. Listen below and enjoy the ride.     

    1.Time to Die

    2.The Ballad of Black Mask


    4.Rolling Thunder

    5.Tomorrow is Another Day

    6.Stuck Off Intermission

    7.Whistles in the Dark

    8.Replicant Thoughts

    9.Cyclus Alpha

    10.Castamere Reign

    11.Galaxy Heartbeat

    12.Majestic Fourth World

    13.Horns of Justice (bonus track)