Prefix Premiere: Download Aaron Cohen’s ‘MURK’ Mixtape

    New York-by-way-of-Seattle MC Aaron Cohen has released a number of slick videos in the past few weeks, building the buzz just nice for his debut mixtape, MURK, which is presented to you today by Mishka and ourselves at Prefixmag.

    Like many of his peers surfacing from the cracks of the Big Apple’s resurging rap scene, Inner City Kids rep Cohen approaches his music with a forward-thinking disposition–something more than evident on MURK. The ample 16-track project boasts appearances from fellow contemporaries like Shady Blaze, Kyle Rapps and G4SHI, with A$AP Ty Beats (the man behind A$AP Rocky’s “Peso”), Black Noi$e and Ryan Hemsworth among others lending an eclectic variety of beats.

    Aaron Cohen will be playing live at the Brooklyn Mishka store this Friday, Sept. 28. Click here for details, grab a copy of MURK below and clear your weekend plans.