Prefix Premiere: Digits, “Lonely Road”

    Alt Altman understands restraint. Recording under the moniker Digits, he has followed his standout April mixtape Death And Desire with Where Do You Belong?, an EP of songs “recorded and mixed in various bedrooms in London, Oxford, Berlin and Istanbul.” Where Do You Belong? addresses the nomadic lifestyle of musicians, but instead of channeling the typical nomad emotions – loneliness, melancholy, disorientation – into exaggerated arrangements, Altman sets simple and emotional lyrics to minimal synth-pop. This pairing works, especially on the track “Lonely Road.”

    “Lonely Road” is a would-be disco inferno pared down to the most basic elements: two-note keyboard chords, gusts of synth, a barely-there 4/4 dance beat. Altman’s voice is sweet and subdued, gently lamenting the “lonely road” of itinerancy, driving nonstop through the “wasteland” where “everything is all the same.” But there’s hope. “Don’t stop now/You can meet me there/Yeah, you can ride with me/All the way to Detroit,” sings Altman. “Lonely Road” is a song about being alone, but it sounds so neat and thoughtful that loneliness doesn’t end up seeming so bad.

    Enjoy the premiere of Digits’ “Lonely Road” below and look out for the EP on July 10.