Prefix Premiere: Dam-Funk Creates A Track On The Spot In This Tour Of His Funkmosphere Lab

    Since we found Dam-Funk’s Soundcloud account in early December 2010, we have been treated to songs both new and previously unreleased from the Los Angeles boogie ambassador. Each time he uploaded a new track, he would write about the inspiration behind it along with where he recorded it. More often than not, he put the funk down in his home studio, aka the Funkmosphere Lab, in Ladera Heights, Calif.

    And thanks to the folks at Scion A/V, we’re now getting a behind-the-scenes look at Dam’s workspace. Gear nerds are sure to fawn over the slew of synthesizers, keyboards, and drum machines, one of which he notes was used by Run DMC and other “early rap cats.” After showing off his machinery, Dam then creates a funky-as-hell, sunny day-ready track on the spot.

    You can watch the tour of the Funkmosphere Lab below. Props on the Donuts slipmats! The tour was part of Scion’s Music(less) Conference.