Prefix Premiere: Coheed & Cambria “Number City” (Rebelde Remix) (Former At The Drive-In & Sparta Member)

    Although the At The Drive-In reunion was short-lived, members of the group have been keeping their musical projects going. And in this case, former drummer for the post-rock emo group At The Drive-In and Sparta Tony Hajjar has teamed up with Daniel Ahearn to form production duo Rebelde. One of their first pieces of work has them reworking the track “Number City” from prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria. The production duo turned the poppy single into a dark throbbing electronic song with chopped up and beats blipping in and out. The repetitive percussive beat also makes the track accessible to late night glow stick fiends. The direction that Hajjar has taken makes considering where his two previous bands were heading musically.

    The original track comes off Coheed and Cambria’s The Afterman.

    Listen to their remix below: