Prefix Premiere: Cassettes Won’t Listen ‘Casa’ EP

    It’s a tale as old as time: an electronic/hip-hop producer makes beats in his bedroom, then graduates to recording and mastering an EP at Abbey Road Studios. Wait, what? Jason Drake, otherwise known as Cassettes Won’t Listen, may have started low-fi and underground, but with his latest EP, Casa, he’s gunning for the big leagues. And with catchy melodies, delicate vocals, and chord progressions that span the distance between intimate and anthemic, Cassettes Won’t Listen make music that’s worth a listen. “Ceilings And Floors” has a propulsive chorus that fades into a gorgeous denouement; “Don’t Go”‘s muscle-guitar backbone prevents the waltz time signature from turning into something too precious. Altogether it’s a lovely, lovingly crafted EP. Stream it below, and check out the video premiere for “Ceilings And Floors” too.