Prefix Premiere: Active Child Remixes We Are Serenades’s “Walking Home”

    Some musicians create successful remixes by taking mediocre tracks and making them extraordinary. We Are Serenades‘ “Walking Home” is already extraordinary, and Active Child makes it more so.

    The original “Walking Home” packs a wallop with steady snares, handclaps, alto sax, and those lush vocal harmonies. It sounds earthy, whereas Active Child’s version is oceanic. Pat Grossi makes the bass bigger and the tempo slower, ditches the saxophone, and isolates the vocals so they sound more theatrical. James Cameron could have used this remix to soundtrack the moment when the Titanic starts picking up speed, it’s got that much aquatic drama. Play it on laptop speakers if you must, but this is a track worth listening to with headphones, just for the sake of hearing its sheer size. Check out the premiere of Active Child’s remix below.