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Prefix Podcast: Out-of-print hip-hop

Look to the right of the page to see today's feature and you'll find our first ever podcast. Matt Gasteier has compiled a list of hip-hop gems from records that are now out of-of-print. Click here to view the tracklist, listen to the podcast and of course download it.
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Yeaaaaahhhh!!!! Awesome playlist there, Prefix! Can't wait to hear it! Glad I held onto a lot of these disc's (mainly the Boogiemonsters one). This is from an era when hip-hop was fun and flow was everything! Producers took a backseat, it was all about the MC, baby! Love it. No Digable Planets, though? I thought Blowout Comb was out of print?

Andrew Douglas

yeah, this thing is sweet.


I prefer Dave Park and Andrew Bradick's show on BK Radio.

Dave Park

this rules matt.


ACB, are show was the realest. Don't inflate Matt's head.

Dave Park

I'm glad everyone is enjoying it. A Douglas, fortunately both digable planets records are widely available, but rest assured I would have included Blowout Comb in the mix if it wasn't... one of the great hip hop records ever.By the way, it's a good idea to hold onto that boogiemonsters record. This is what yodared is doing with his time now:

Matthew Gasteier

Matt, agreed about it's greatness (Blowout Comb) and I guess it still moves enough units to be in print, huh? A testament to Digable Planets talent level. Wow, on the yodared tip, but I'm not all that surprised given the lyrical content that was on that album. One of the more "silently spiritual" hip-hop albums of the 90's. Not like PM Dawn, but I think you get my drift. I listened to the Podcast last night, Matt. Dope, dope, dope..... thanks for making that again.


This is the bomb.


blowout comb closes with a bang, starting with the title track, great stuff

bobby d.

i just bought three feet high and rising (it was time to replace the cassette i found in a thrift store many moons ago). is it really out of print? this was some "deluxe" reissue with a bonus cd. also, that doom record needs to go back into print, i'm not paying fifty bucks for it. change the cover if marvel is gonna sue.and finally, to everyone's dismay (including my wife) i just don't get blowout comb. i guess i'll have to give it another shot cause it's been years, but i just could never get into that record.

Phil B

I didn't know Operation: Doomsday was out of print. That was a surprise.


I don't see where we can subscribe to this in Itunes. Otherwise it doesn't seem like a podcast, just an mp3.


We just submitted to iTunes. Hopefully it gets accepted.This is the feed URL:

Dave Park



Yo Dave man, Great podcast. Good listen.Roberto

roberto Santos

This was FRESH!!! The De La is still in print (a double disc reissue), but that doesn't mean I don't like hearing it! Keep up the good work. Peace.


Glad you like the mix, but unless there is some secret way of getting the double disc reissue, I'm pretty sure it isn't in print at the moment. If you have some evidence that you are right, I would definitely be interested in seeing it.

Matthew Gasteier

so good....luv the sound...yeh out to Matt

Jackie C.

just listened to this again. good times.

Mike Krolak

Did iTunes put it in their directory?


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