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Predictions begin for music at Obama inauguration parties

Though most of Washington is focused on Barack Obama's cabinet appointments and how he plans to address the economy, the President-elect shouldn't blow off selecting the music acts for his inauguration. The right choice could cement his reputation with the legions of young voters who came out inforce for the election, while playing it safe could make Obamanauts cast a wary eye at his message of change. If Obama isn't willing to be a little outside the box with his musical choices, what's going to happen when it comes to solving a serious problem? The Chicago Sun-Times is pushing for Mavis Staples, Wilco, Common, and Kanye West. All of these choices would be excellent and within "presidential" boundaries, but Obama supporters Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen would be left out in the cold. Though Obama needs to have Chicago icon Staples, longtime supporters Wilco, and some representation of thoughtful hip-hop, there should be a place for rock's elder statesmen under the Democratic tent. They are not stodgy choices. When placed beside the other acts, Springsteen and Dylan would form a representation of the multigenerational coalition that Obama needs to get the United States out of its current slump. [Sun-Times]
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Good grief--Dylan NEVER endorsed Obama. He was teasing his bassist for wearing an Obama button at the Nov. 4 show and believing that Obama would usher in an "age of light." And that London interview a couple months back was in no way an endorsement, as much as people would like to make it be one. My guess, however, is that Dylan will wind up playing at the inauguration, just like he did for Clinton in 1992.


I hope these Berklee profs get the gig - this is the best version of America the Beautiful I've ever heard:


I think Dylan should perform at the inauguration gig and he should do something from the early 60's which would add perspective to the event. I will take Dylan's contribution with any voice no matter how bad it sounds to those that don't get Dylan, but unfortunately to many he would just seem like a croaking frog and they will miss the lyrics as they question each other in front of the TV as to "who or what the hell is that?" Perhaps someone like Chrissie Hynde or Nanci Griffith could do Dylan classic from the early period.


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