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Predict the sales of <i>Memory Almost Full</i>

We've cancelled the R. Kelly album sales contest since that should've been posted the week before. In its place we ask that you take a stab at the sales of the new Paul McCartney album Memory Almost Full. I'm confident that he won't sell enough to offset the $200+ million he reportedly had to pay Heather Mills though. Then again that's probably a drop in the bucket to the most successful musician in the history of popular music. Here are the details on the contest.

  • Predict the first week album sales for Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full below in the comments.

  • Predictions after Sunday (June 10, 2007 will be disqualified)


  • $20 gift certificate to

Additional Notes:
*Check out the Week in Preview feature to see what else was released.
**Whoever is closest to actual sales figures from Soundscan. No Price is Right rules in effect (i.e. you can still win if your guess is over the actual sales figures.)
***This contest is open to everyone including Prefix staffers.
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Album Sales
Paul McCartney




Paul Pearson







363,287---but Starbucks is not going to be compiling sales for the Top 40 charts I hear.



John B

214, 000

Matt B.

175,000 and not a penny more.

Ian G

325,777I assumed Starbucks numbers would count but I have no clue really

Dave Park




Barbara E

178,500. And to correct a previous poster's misapprehension: Starbucks sales won't count toward the charts in BRITAIN. They do in the U.S.


85,000no way he goes over 100k

Steve Lampiris


Michael K





190,000 which would be his best sales for a release of new material

Joe L

Does anybody really care about him? Except for Bob Dylan, does anybody really care about anybody from that era? And, along those lines, how has Dylan stayed relevant?


old people suck!272,000

Mike Krolak

It's not that. It was more a testament to Dylan, really. McCartney was the engine of what many consider the best band of all time, and he had a relatively successful solo career (probably the most successful - tho not best - of the beatles). but the guy's put out two pretty good albums two years in a row, and he doesn't get nearly the buzz (accolades aside) that dylan does. same with the stones and with stevie wonder, icons surely. what's the difference?




1.5 million...a great recording!

dan hosford

220k Great listen. It grows on you as you listen to the different styles of songwriting per song. PM is not given enough credit for post Beatle work. Tough act to follow i guess.



Michael K

181000i'll win one of these if it kills me, dave park!


I'mma say 121,535



Bummy Davis

195,000 is my guess... but i wouldn't be surprised if it hit 250,000. great album.



Kenny R

It is not a great album. When all is said and done, I think there's only one really memorable song, "Ever Present Past." Sounds like he's trying to hard on some of the others. I really wanted it to be a good, but like Chaos, which had "Fine Line," it's pretty slim pickins.

Kevin C

97,800. I bought it, I love it, but unless you're a McCartney fan, you probably won't buy it.

Paul (not THAT Paul)

500,000 I was in high school when the Beatles made their debut. There are a lot of good tunes on Sir Paul McCartney latest venture although, as much as I hate to say it, the Starbucks advertising is beneath him.

Bill Ryan


Thals Delvechio


Adrian Covert

210,000 great album


134,527- I wish it were more but what Paul does doesn't get the credit it should! He is certainly still relevant and the biggest star in music since Sinatra died. He does get poo-pooed too much but that is only because he has been magnificently successful whether a Beatle or a Wing. Sir Paul has a power that some of the younger groups/singers do not have- album buyers this week may not realize it this week but it is still true!!


184,001This may be Paul's second best solo release after 1997's Flaming Pie. Great tunes, great production and wonderful harmonies. Truly inspired!As for the Starbucks promotion, it may seem beneath such a legendary figure, but the marketing concept is absolutely brillliant. No doubt, every veteran popstar is wondering how to top this stunt. Not even a series of Chevy commercial could take John Mellencamp's latest to # 1 on the charts.

Bob Bradford

banjo ... fuck!


Starbucks included as I believe it is in US sales, not Britain I would say 210,000. Too bad McCartney's age or relevance as an ex-Beatle has anything to do with his current work. He rocks enough with just his last great 4 albums. 'Nuff said


when is the winner announced?


probably tommorrow.

Dave Park

he will eventually sell about 300,000 without a problem. absolutly a great album-- not bad having two great albums in the last couple of years especially for someone whos 64 years old. and as long as he keeps recording ill keep buying! try getting tickets to any of his live shows, i was lucky enough to see his last show at the staple center, and how f..cking great it was- phil from sac.


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