Pre-Sale Tickets Indicate ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Will Be Bigger Than Part 1

    Box office receipts are important to film studios. It’s not just because they mean more money has been made — they also allow companies to tout the fact that they dominated the box office when a movie was released. For instance, The Avengers was the second-biggest movie of the summer and started the season out with a bang, which will give investors, audiences and fans more reason to trust Marvel when subsequent comic book movies are released. 

    However, some studios have another trick up their sleeves when it comes to raising awareness for blockbusters. The past two Twilight installments have been heavily promoted with pre-sale tickets, and the latest part of the series seems to be doing quite well in that regard. 

    According to MTV, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is already outselling its predecessor, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, by a substantial margin. Pre-sale tickets have gone past $1.17 million since Oct. 1, while Part 1 was only able to bring in $626,000 before it was released last year. 

    Pre-sale tickets can only help to improve a picture’s chances at the box office, since they’ll certainly be factored into opening weekend figures. If you’re a devoted fan, get ready with a ticket ahead of time well in advance of the film’s Nov. 16 release date.