Pras Slams Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Presidential Bid

    So, Wyclef Jean’s presidential bid for Haiti is under way, and while we wait for him to make an ass out of himself, it seems one of his former bandmates in Fugees is less than happy about the whole idea. Pras has spoken out against Jean’s bizarre political aspirations and has called for a “real leader” to take charge of Haiti.


    “I love Wyclef to death,” said Pras, in an interview for MTV News. “We came up together, we grew up together, we basically called each other cousins. But the reality is this, we need a real leader. Not just a regular leader, but a transformative leader. Someone that’s gonna be able to galvanise the Haitians down on the field, the Haitian-Americans, the international community. It’s a collective support – to take this country to the 21st century. And I’m just not convinced Wyclef is the one for that.”


    Sean Penn has also spoken out against Jean’s presidential campaign, saying: “I haven’t seen or heard of him in these last six months that I’ve been in Haiti.” Pras has echoed those sentiments, saying, “Sean Penn understands what’s really going on and what Haiti really needs.” Fortunately, Penn has the good sense to not let his ego get too out of control regarding the situation in Haiti, although anyone hoping for a sharp volte face from Jean is probably expecting a little too much. 


    [via The Guardian]