Pot Kettle Black: VEVO Employees Caught Pirating TV At Sundance

    You know how major labels and the RIAA and everyone else trying to seriously punish filesharers always claim that the defense, “Everyone else does it,” isn’t valid, and that all filesharers are equally guilty? Maybe they’d like to back off that now, as people who work at VEVO–a major-label backed video service–were using an illegal video service to stream NFL games while they were at Sundance. Seriously. 

    Apparently VEVO employees were using ESPN America–a channel that doesn’t exist in America–to watch the game, along with a TV service called TuTele.tv, an illegal TV streaming service. There’s video proof of this, even. Which is below. 


    This just goes to show that acting like illegal downloading/streaming isn’t totally pervasive and used by everyone is a joke. And working for a company that tries to prevent people from streaming things illegally doesn’t mean your above ripping off someone else’s company. Read more at TechDirt. [DS