Portugal. The Man’s Van And Gear Stolen At Lollapalooza

    After playing their set at Lollapalooza last night in Chicago, Portugal. The Man learned that their van and a trailer full of gear had been stolen from a parking lot near the music festival’s location, Grant Park. They quickly issued a statement on Twitter and sent out a press release asking our readers if they can help recover the band’s stolen items. According to a release, the vehicle is a red Ford 15-passenger 350 van with a black trailer attached. It bears Alaska license plates that read FJH244.

    If you have any information, you can contact the band on Twitter or post it here.


    Complete list of stolen items and van below.

    Portugal the Man missing van

    Item Description Serial
    guitar gretch white falcon JT09031063
    guitar gretch 66′ viking 106476
    guitar guild 59′ 19031
    guitar gibson acoustic 61086001
    bass guitar fender 81′ precision special G 021206
    guitar fender sonora acoustic CC07045167
    banjo epiphone 804120675
    amp vintage ampeg SVT 400T TPHDEB0062
    amp fender 300 pro bass amp CR-326822
    amp 64′ fender super reverb  
    amp vintage fender blackface bassman  
    pedal boss NS2  
    pedal boss NS2  
    pedal ernie ball VPjr  
    pedal boss TU2  
    pedal boss TU2  
    pedal boss TU2  
    pedal MXR distortion  
    pedal Dr. scientist reverberator  
    pedal earth quaker dirt transmitter  
    pedal electro harmonix holy grail  
    pedal electro harmonix holy grail  
    pedal lehle line selector  
    pedal morely line selector  
    pedal boss GE 7  
    pedal MXR phase 100  
    pedal MXR phase 100  
    pedal vodoo lab tremolo  
    pedal fender channel selector  
    pedal electro harmonix micro pog  
    pedal electro harmonix pog  
    pedal greed tone distortion  
    pedal colorsound wah  
    pedal zvex fuzz factory  
    pedal colorsound overdriver  
    pedal colorsound overdriver  
    pedal electro harmonix memory boy  
    pedal boss TR2  
    pedal boss TR2  
    pedal boss DD6  
    pedal line six FM4  
    pedal sansamp bass driver  
    pedal boss ODB3  
    pedal boss OC3  
    drum case maxline fridge 8962
    amp case maxline amp case 8558
    guitar case roadie  
    guitar case skb acoustic case  
    drum c&c 26×14 kick  
    drum c&c 7×14 snare  
    drum c&c 14×9 rack tom  
    drum c&c 16×14 floor tom  
    drum c&c 18×16 floor tom  
    drum noble and cooley 14×5 snare  
    drum pearl 14×5 brass snare  
    cymbal 14″ constantinople k hats  
    cymbal 21″ sweet ride  
    cymbal 18″ medium thin crash  
    cymbal 19″ paiste 2002 series crash  
    cymbal 13′ master sound zilgian k hats  
    hardware dw throne 900 series  
    hardware dw boom cymbal stands x3  
    hardware iron cobra kick pedal  
    hardware dw throne 900 series  
    hardware iron cobra hat stand  
    speaker vintage fender 2×12  
    speaker vintage fender 2×12  
    speaker fender 8×10 pro M1511393
    microphone sure SM58   x2  
    microphone AKG D5  
    microphone (2) Rode NT5 (Matched pair in case)  
    microphone Shure Beta57a  
    microphone Shure Beta58A  
    camcorder canon vixia HFS10  
    scanner canon 600E 0302B062
    Mixer Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0  
      Ibanez UE-405  
    orange bass amp 200w tube  
    fender bass 1966 mustang  
    roland keyboard vintage juno 106  
    roland keyboard juno DI  
    hamond organ xk3  
    electric piano fender rhodes  
    moog synth little fatty  
    bass amp fender combo  
    fender guitar amp fender 62′ Tremolux (Blonde)  
    guitar amp fender 78′ silverface twin reverb  
    guitar Nash T-63 Sunburst Telecaster w/ Bigsby (Medallion glued on)  
    pedal T. Rex Replica Delay  
    pedal boss TU2  
    pedal Electro Harmonix POG 2  
    pedal Fulltone Deja-Vibe 2 (Stereo) w/Pedal  
    pedal Fulltone Dual Drive  
    pedal voodoo labs power supply  
    iPod 160G  
    fender guitar  1971 strat