Portishead plotting fourth studio album

    The Portishead comeback was one of the most satisfying surprises of 2008. Now, according to the band, they are set to produce a quickie follow-up to Third, and may even undertake another tour. The live shows would be particularly welcome to North American fans, who haven’t had a chance to see the notoriously road-shy band in years (apart from the one-off Coachella performance earlier in 2008).

    "When everyone’s had a bit of a break, I think we’re just going to plough onto it," Barrow told BBC 6 Music. "I think we’re kind of there now. We’ve sat down and we’ve talked about the direction and stuff like that.” Clearly the band isn’t planning on taking another 11-year hiatus between studio albums, and it looks like the band may be more willing to promote the follow-up to Third.

    “Everyone seems really positive about it,” says Barrow. “And I think everybody at some point wants to get back out on the road, because we didn’t really do an awful lot of live stuff.” Barrow also talks about the band’s current status, which finds them without a record label. "We haven’t got a record company. Our deal ended and so did our publishing deal. So we pretty much own all of our own rights now, which is scary as well as exciting really, so we’re thinking of loads of different ways of doing things." [NME]