Portion Of Pink Floyd’s Catalog Not In Print, Temporarily

    Just in case you were thinking of dropping into your local Best Buy store and picking up a copy of Pink Floyd’s 1979 opus The Wall, you probably won’t be able to do it. That’s because that Floyd album, along with three others, is temporarily out of print since the band’s contract with EMI expired June 30.


    Consequence of Sound (as well as the Daily Swarm and the New York Times) is reporting that Roger Waters and company have decided not to simply sign again with EMI, but are in a bidding war with several major labels. It’s also being reported that several labels have dropped out of the battle because the asking price for the catalog is way too high.


    Besides The Wall, the other unavailable albums are: Wish You Were HereAnimals and The Final Cut. Since Waters just participated on a one-off reunion with another surviving band mamber, David Gilmore, and announced a 2010-11 tour, interest is probably higher than usual in these albums. (Don’t expect to find them on iTunes or at Amazon’s MP3 store, either).


    Well, you can always pull out your old copy of Dark Side of the Moon, which everyone still has, right? That’s the one with the hit song…what was it called? Oh, right it was called “Money.”

    [Consequence of Sound]