Porcelain Raft’s ‘Strange Weekend’ Streaming In Full

    Prefix’s Kyle Lemmon just reviewed the new album by Mauro Remiddi, better known as Porcelain Raft. That record is set for release on Jan. 24 through Secretly Canadian, who are streaming the entire record in full for a limited time. This neatly builds on the attention built up by the series of EPs released by Remiddi, keeping his instincts for honey-coated fuzz and simple pop melodies firmly intact. It’s the kind of record that slowly creeps up on you, with the hook-laden songs inhabiting your brain as the record gradually takes hold. There are elements of trip-hop and the acoustic experiments My Bloody Valentine occasionally worked on—“Cigarette In Your Bed” is a particularly strong touchstone of the Porcelain Raft sound. Check out the full record below for a limited time. [via The Hype Machine]