Watch: Pop Etc. Talk New Beginnings, Share New Single In Yours Truly Session

    The artists formerly known as the Morning Benders previously described their name change as an attempt to derail associations with homophobia; but in a Yours Truly session, lead singer Chris Chu also details a base aversion to catering to fans’ expectations. Now called Pop Etc., their self-titled LP that hopes to escape the limitations of the Morning Benders is due June 12 via Rough Trade.

    But by the end of the video it’s apparent that Chu overstates his case. Each of the Morning Benders’ releases portrayed a steady growth as songwriters, with the biggest leap coming on 2010’s Big Echo. In that record’s shadow, Pop Etc.’s first single, “Keep It For Your Own,” sounds just about as you’d expect. It has a breezy hook held together by a relaxed and full-bodied rhythm section—the kind universally agreeable track that is made to be played outdoors. Hear Pop Etc. play it toward the end of the video below.