Police Called In To Break Up Chaos At DFA 1979 Show At SXSW


    Death From Above 1979 are making a well-publicized comeback at Coachella this year, but they decided to preface that appearance with a show at SXSW this past Saturday. If the band were looking to up the hype levels for their reunion they couldn’t have wished for a more perfect event—fans who were locked out of the show broke down a fence and entered the venue, requiring police on horseback to break up the crowd.


    Calling this a “riot” may be pushing the dictionary definition of that word, but you can see some of the action in the clips above and below. Naturally, the local Austin news channel has gone way over the top with their reporting, making it sound like the four horsemen of the apocalypse strode into the venue and caused mayhem.


    There’s a more sober account over at CBC news, where someone at the event said: “Only a few people rushed in. Many just stood still, watching as security took charge.” And later: “The security at The Beauty Bar also did a great job of securing the fence and holding it up. From what I saw, they were trying to accommodate fans both inside and outside of the venue.”


    According to the same report, it was only when the police showed up that the trouble really began: “They sideswiped the crowd and used pepper spray and stun guns on some fans. The band stopped playing and the fans outside the fence were given 10 minutes to clear the alley. If they didn’t leave, the police threatened to cancel the show.” One thing’s for sure: DFA 1979 couldn’t have wished for a more perfect event to generate a few column inches for their comeback. 



    [via BrooklynVegan]