Police Arrested Pink Floyd Guitarist’s Son After London Riots

    Students clashed with police in London last week (and a rather more famous person) during demonstrations at proposed measures to raise tuition fees. Now, it turns out that one of those students was the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who was arrested following the protests.


    Charlie Gilmour was arrested after the crowds dispersed, due to him being pictured waving a flag from the Cenotaph memorial (see here), which was subsequently picked up by many tabloid newspapers. “He was arrested by officers on suspicion of violent disorder, and attempted criminal damage of the Union Flag, on the Cenotaph on De. 9,” said a statement from police.


    Gilmour issued an apology for his behavior, saying he felt “nothing but shame” for his actions. Sadly, his dad has yet to issue a statement on the events, and it seems unlikely we’ll get to hear what he thinks of his errant son’s behavior. 


    [via Yahoo]