Poison Hit With Plagiarism Lawsuit, 20 Years Later

    Is there a statute of limitations on copyright/plagiarism cases? There is. It’s three years. But there is a copyright case out there right now with a 27 year lapse, but is still moving forward anyway: A band called Kid Rocker brought a case against hair metal legends Poison for stealing portions of their songs to make “Talk Dirty to Me,” “Fallen Angel” and “I Won’t Forget You.” Kid Rocker actually have a reason to believe their songs were jacked: They say Poison’s CC Deville tried out for their band in 1984, and got a tape of their songs, and Kid Rocker ended up breaking up shortly after. Then their songs suddenly popped up on Poison albums.

    However, Kid Rocker is just now getting around to suing Poison, and their lawyer is attempting to turn the lapse in statute of limitations into a strength, citing “continuing wrong” in copyright theft. Kid Rocker are citing unspecified damages.  [RS]